Work hard when you must work, and if at all possible, have fun at it. Remember that your career is not your life -- your work will benefit from a rich and fulfilling personal life, which is the main point of life. Work can take many forms, and can even be redemptive when done in the spirit of service. Give your best to your customers/employers, but remember that your relationship with them is that of equals who agree to a mutually beneficial, and usually temporary, arrangement. Your goal should be to build solid, ethical and trusting relationships with the people who pay for your work, and the best way to do that is to follow the golden rule in all your business as well as personal dealings. Build a strong network based on mutual respect and trust, and then keep building and strengthening that network throughout your career and your life. The strength of your continuing relationships with current and former customers, colleagues, partners, mentors, employers, employees, friends and family is what will provide any security you can find.

-- Sara Jalali (Dallas, TX)